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  • How to Attract Sponsors for Your Events, with Andrew Yeung, NYC Tech Event Producer

How to Attract Sponsors for Your Events, with Andrew Yeung, NYC Tech Event Producer

In Issue #004, we sat down with Andrew to talk about securing the best sponsors. And yes, we included cold email templates for you.

Welcome back to HOSTED by POSH!

Big day, folks. In our final conversation with Andrew Yeung (NYC Tech Event Producer), we did a deep dive on how to land sponsors for your events.

Plus, we’re all over the internet today. Keep reading to learn a thing or two and enjoy a few articles in TechCrunch, EDMIdentity, and more about how we’re changing the game.

How to Attract Sponsors for Your Events, with Andrew Yeung, NYC Tech Event Producer

Let’s be real, attracting sponsors for your events is f****** tough. You’ve seen others do it, but have no idea where to start.

We sat down with Andrew Yeung, the largest tech event producer in New York City, to chat about how he locks down the best sponsors. Coming from a guy who puts out one tweet and brands come running to sponsor his events, we think you’re going to want to read what he has to say.

The Art of the Cold Email and DM

The key to a successful cold email or DM is to capture the recipient's attention quickly and demonstrate the value of your event to their brand. Here’s how Andrew does it:

Be concise:

Keep your message short and to the point, focusing on only the most important details about your event. Don’t blabber about your background, what you ate for lunch that day, and how you’ve been a major fan of their company since your high school prom.

Communicate your value proposition:

Show potential sponsors how partnering with you will benefit their business. It’s not about you. It’s about them. Include details about your audience, the size of the event, and why these attendees would love their brand. Will there be influencers at your event? Great. Let them know the reach they might get on social.

‍Personalize each message:

Nobody likes a generic message. It’s easy to spot a copy & paste, so make sure to be original and customize your emails or DMs. Show that you've researched the company and understand their brand by adding in specific lines about them or tell a brief story about your recent experience with the product.

Looking for a real example? Check out this cold email that Andrew sent to a potential sponsor for his Tech Garden party during SXSW week. Feel free to use this as a template or a starting point for your own emails:

Want some help meeting potential sponsors? Book time with us here to get connected with our network of brands that love to sponsor events.

Building Your Brand to Attract Inbound Sponsorships

Having a strong brand presence makes it much easier for sponsors to come to you. Be sure to poke around on Andrew Yeung’s Twitter, Instagram, and website to get an idea of how he positions himself online.

Here are a few tips and examples to strengthen your brand:

Be consistent:

Consistently share your mission, values, and beliefs across your chosen platforms. This will create a strong brand identity.

‍Choose your platforms wisely:

Focus on using channels that resonate with your target audience. Andrew knows his audience lives on Twitter and email, so he spends his time there - he’s created a community of over 20,000 event attendees and brands.

Establish your reputation:

Become a known entity in your industry for delivering valuable and memorable event experiences. You goal is to be the GO-TO person in your space.

‍Example 2: Collaborate with well-respected partners or speakers to elevate your event's status. By associating your event with established names, you'll not only increase the event's appeal to sponsors, but also strengthen your brand's reputation. Pro tip: also make sure these names are on any promo materials or flyers!

‍Example 3: Focus on content related to your event or general industry. Write daily blog posts, share articles, or create videos that showcase your expertise. This will help position you as an authority in your field and make sponsors more inclined to support your events.

Here’s how Andrew shoots his shot on his Twitter page. Dozens of sponsors reach out begging to get in on his events:


Setting Clear Expectations and Delivering on Promises

‍Trust is THE number one factor when establishing and keeping great partnerships, so make sure to deliver. Actually, make sure to OVER-deliver! This all starts by setting clear expectations. Follow these tips and examples to ensure sponsors know what they're getting and are satisfied with the results:

Be transparent:

Clearly outline the benefits and exposure sponsors can expect from supporting your event.‍

Communicate regularly:

Make sure to keep your sponsors informed throughout the planning process, providing updates on marketing initiatives, ticket sales, and any changes that may impact their sponsorship experience. Give them all of the details.‍

‍Under-promise and over-deliver:

Manage expectations by being realistic about the outcomes of your event, and then strive to exceed those expectations.

Request feedback and testimonials:

After the event, ask your sponsors for feedback and testimonials that you can use to improve future events and showcase your success to potential sponsors. Feedback is crucial in the event industry - it can change the game for you.

‍We all want to be “sponsored” by great brands, but working with sponsors is all about creating a true partnership that is a win for them just as much as it is for you! Focus on creating a strong foundation of trust with your sponsors, ensuring they have confidence in your ability to deliver a valuable and rewarding experience. Use the tips above and you’ll be having sponsors lining up around the block in no time.

Want some help meeting potential sponsors? Book time with us here to get connected with our network of brands that love to sponsor events.

POSH In The News


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“Co-founded by two black entrepreneurs, Avante Price and Eli Taylor-Lemire, POSH aims to break away from the current monopolistic model. While incumbents like Ticketmaster have the built-in structure of owned and operated venues through Live Nation, POSH is wisely taking aim at the independent marketplace first.”